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Global Exploration and Recovery (GEaR) Logo

By plaidtractor

On 04, May 2016 | In | By plaidtractor

Global Exploration and Recovery (GEaR) Logo

GEaR is a group of skilled mountaineers with experience spanning search and recovery, logistics, geophysics, medical mountain rescue, and expedition medicine.

GEaR was interested in the idea of a logo reboot, but at the time, mustering the resources wasn’t possible. Robert Boulware (PTC Design Lead) being a Navy veteran himself, was so taken by their lost veteran recovery mission, decided to take on the challenge regardless. “I had an idea in my head and just had to see it”.

This completely unique logo is designed to raise their stature and bring additional meaning to one of their original recovery missions: to locate, recover, and repatriate 3 heroic American aviators buried in glacier ice in Greenland, lost since WWII. Their Grumman Duck amphibious airplane disappeared in a storm during its (2nd) daring attempt to rescue the crew of a downed B-17 using an audacious, untested ice landing technique. Previous missions have brought the team to the very edge of confirming the location of the wreckage.

About the design: A more substantive symbol
GEaR strongly identified with the raven for its ability to innovate, adapt, and navigate. A new identity brought an opportunity for additional symbolism and a more “active” look and feel. Both of which represent the determination and readiness of the team, and emphasize their operational and logistical experience. The raven locating and reaching for the dog-tag buried in glacier ice is a reference to their still active mission to recover the remains of pilot Lt. John Pritchard, radioman Benjamin Bottoms, and U.S. Army Air Corps Cpl. Loren Howarth.

The rendering style borrows from the first iteration of their raven logo in order to maintain a level of continuity.

Two logo versions were designed, a badge format and signature format. The wing breaks the circular plane of the badge logo to further highlight the action, while the type in the signature style makes a subtle reference to layers of glacier ice that GEaR is determined to penetrate.

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