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Plaid Tractor Studio:

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Web Design Questionnaire


Seattle, WA Studio:


Company Name:

*E-mail Address:

*Phone Number:

Website URL:

What does your company/organization do?

What is your intended experience for the online user?
 Reflect or bolster the existing brand Introduce a new brand Utility/reference Exploration Fun Productivity Trust Build credibility Demonstrate capability Profit Education Product sales Other

Do you have an existing brand or theme to relate to?
 Yes No, we may need assistance

Is a logo or brand identity being considered?
 yes no

Is this a site redesign?
 yes no

Primary objectives for the site include:
 Direct public perception Acquire new customers Conduct transactions Provide customer support Provide information Other

What is your core mission?

What is your competitive advantage?

Who are your competitors?

Who is your primary and secondary audience?

Regarding look and feel, what general styles are being considered?
 Modern Classical Edgy Conservative Clean Vibrant Textured Elegant Bold Subdued Slick Playful Other

If you could send only one message using this website, what would it be?

Are there any messages you’d like to avoid sending?

Links to websites that relate to your objectives:

What needs or problems will this project achieve or solve for you?

Does your site require special capabilities?
 Responsive Behavior Calendars Video Copywriting Animation Analytics Other

What is your preliminary timeline?

What is your project's budget?

How much of the content will be ready once design begins?

Does your site coincide with a product or ad campaign launch, or any other related event?

Who else will have input on the project?

How did you hear of Plaid Tractor?

Additional comments:

*In a word, are you human?

Seattle, WA Studio:

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