A challenge met by introducing a fresh, updated feel, and merging brand elements, hierarchal content, promotions, and usability.

MDS Pharma Website and UI Design

MDS’s strategy included leveraging its web presence to position itself as the leading assay testing resource.

The clarity and organization of the design and user-interface reinforced MDS’s backend commitment to accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

MDS set out to build the most efficient and usable assay testing tool for the pharmacological and bio-sciences industry. Plaid Tractor partnered with MDS developers and project managers to overhaul their web presence, and create an assay testing catalog and purchasing interface that was intuitively useful.

Which Design Principles?

Among several applied universal design principles, we leveraged the Aesthetic-Usability Effect, which affirms that people perceive designs that are more aesthetic to be more usable, and that those designs have a higher probability of being chosen to use.