A site designed to see the world through the lens of a field biologist

Website Design: The Skeptical Scientist

We seized an opportunity to playfully draw Ranae’s fans into her natural world and see it as she does.

The natural world speaks a learnable language.

Finding Bigfoot cast member and Field Biologist Ranae Holland approached Plaid Tractor to further her mission as ‘The Skeptical Scientist’: inspire people of all ages to discover hidden features of the environment by reading overlooked visual cues, and other cause and effect evidence.

We created a website with an immediate example, illustrating the value of seeing the unseen using touchscreen/rollover magnifiers that reveal hidden features of the forest.

The rest of the site would serve as a hub for posts and presentations that teach the language of the natural world, inspiring future conservationists.

Due for launch soon, the site will be a portal into Ranae’s world and feature new adventures and educational videos.

Plaid Tractor provided creative direction, design, copy writing, production, development, and photography.