River Song was keen to stand apart and project their unique, handcrafted beauty and style.

River Song Jewelry Website

Asking the question “how unusual should we make this?” became a motivator to create a joyful, textural, and idiosyncratic web presence.

River’s shop had an unwavering dedication to making unconventional handcrafted jewelry. Each piece was brought to live and given its own personality.

A central objective to propel the River Song brand was to reflect and amplify the unusual and distinctive style of the shop’s work, through color, texture, ornamentation, and imagery.

“Robert is a meticulous listener. Through his precise attention to detail he translates my ideas and visions into a website that communicates my brand in a beautiful and effective way. He delivers design work with longevity.”

– River Burke, RiverSong Jewelry

Which Design Principles?

Among several applied design principles, we took advantage of the Von Restorff Effect, which affirms that remembering a difference in experiences, or recalling unusual or distinctive events is more likely compared to those that are common. Simply put: differentiation is memorable.

Besides the deliberately unusual presentation styles used throughout the site, perhaps the most notable shift away from convention was the animated site navigation, which triggered an open drawer on rollover. One of the central goals was to present River Song like no other jewelry site.