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Plaid Tractor Studio:

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We specialize in converting vital resources into visual design that connects emotionally.

We listen, strategize, and respond organically, allowing your inherent strengths to engage your audience.

“Plaid Tractor had exactly the pulse that we were looking for in our search for a brand and website with verve.”
- John Millard, PhosEnergy LLC

“Bob delivered beyond just excellent web design...he taught us how to think about design when creating our technical and business solutions.”
- Todd Clarke, MDS Pharma

A powerful brand statement that aligns the heritage, credibility, and future vision of a 90 year old company.

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Turtle & Hughes Inc. Brand Identity

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Strategic design and consulting to elevate diverse brands across print, web, and brand identity.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Type Design
  • Web Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Poster Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting

Visit the About page to learn more.

Selected clients: Seattle Times Co., Microsoft, Turtle & Hughes Inc., Turtle Energy LLC, Phos Energy LLC, Ranae Holland, the Skeptical Scientist (Finding Bigfoot), MDS Pharma, RiverSong Jewelry, Joseph Zimmer DDS, Paradise Springs Farm, Synchronicity Health Centre, Sol Colibri Coffee

LOGO & BRAND IDENTITY: 6 design imperatives for long term success

10th October 2013 By plaidtractor


While logo and brand identity design can be exploratory and challenging, it’s initially about bringing clarity. More…

A company’s reputation is one of its most critical assets. A brand identity system is the vehicle for its expression, comprised of a logo or brandmark, and all other media touchpoints that support it.

Logo and brand identity design is initially about seizing clarity about the present. Read more…


10th October 2013 By plaidtractor


Our prime motivation is to channel our experience to make the process clear, and our solutions valuable. More…

Plaid Tractor teams up with 4-Mile to deliver tailored, state of the art design and development.

We’re straight forward, welcoming, versatile, and clients value how we emphasize research and authenticity. We’re at our best when problem solving, and happiest when our clients look professional and sophisticated online.

Web production shines with some skilled coordination. We break it out into segments that make sense: a) assess needs, b) assist in strategy, c) insure design is engaging, usable, and strategic, d) then build technology around design.

Websites are spaces to be inviting, informative, sharable, and brand supportive. No matter how clean or daring, usability remains the cornerstone of our solutions. PT divides focus equally between engaging content and Intuitive access. Our sites are tailor-built in WordPress, mobile friendly, and made to be self-administered.

To make best use of value potential, we emphasize strategic planning, followed by strategy-guided layout, design, and typography. To get there we begin with the almighty brief, among the most valuable tools of the process. The brief outlines essential criteria to guide the design phase, such as look and feel, demographics, psychographics, site navigation and architecture, and user-experience (to name a few). Experience has shown that organization and planning can smooth the process to push design forward.

Web design is an exploratory, evolving discipline. We continue to better understand how to make best use of its reach by delivering rich content, fostering trust, and inspiring action.

Take the first simple step today and let us in on your vision.

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10th October 2013 By plaidtractor


Coaxing opportunity from constraint is what we know and love. More…

Oh, for the love of print.

Producing quality work requires a solid working knowledge of how design and print techniques interact (beyond initial design). Coaxing opportunity from constraint is what we know and love. Read more…